Dicranopteris linearis
Other fern labs and research groups

Barker Lab – University of Arizona
Barrington Lab – University of Vermont
Der Lab – University of California, Fullerton
Grusz Lab – University of Minnesota, Duluth
Korall Lab – Uppsala Universitet
Kessler Lab – Universität Zürich
Li Lab – Boyce Thompson Institute at Cornell University
Perrie Lab – Museum of New Zealand
Pittermann Lab – University of California, Santa Cruz
Pryer Lab – Duke University
Rothfels Lab – Utah State University
Rouhan Lab – Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle
Schuettpelz Lab – Smithsonian Institution
Testo Lab – Field Museum
Tuomisto Lab – University of Turku
Vasco Lab – Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT)
Watkins Lab – Colgate University
Wefferling Lab – University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
Wolf Lab – University of Alabama, Huntsville
Zhang Lab – Missouri Botanical Garden

Taiwan Pteridophyte Research Group
Laboratorio de Sistemática de Helechos at Universidad Complutense Madrid


1. Low-coverage genome skimming data from six species of ferns. Available from Utah State University Digital Commons. Data published in:

  • Wolf PG, EB Sessa, DB Marchant, F-W Li, CJ Rothfels, EM Sigel, MA Gitzendanner, CJ Visger, JA Banks, DE Soltis, PS Soltis, KM Pryer, and JP Der. (2015) An exploration into fern genome space.Genome Biology and Evolution 7(9): 2533–2544.

2. Mating data from 115 species of ferns. Available for download from Dryad (doi: 10.5061/dryad.b0b68) and as a searchable database at Ferns and Lycophytes of the World. Data published in:

  • Sessa, EB, WL Testo, & JE Watkins, Jr. (2016) On the widespread capacity for, and functional significance of, extreme inbreeding in ferns. New Phytologist 211(3): 1108–1119.

3. List of all complete fern plastid genomes available on GenBank. List is maintained by Paul Wolf and is updated regularly.

4. Databases of fern DNA/RNA available to researchers. List is maintained by Paul Wolf and is updated regularly.