We just returned from a fantastic Botany conference in Tucson, Arizona! The Sessa lab and GoFlag teams had a great time, and it was a particularly wonderful year for ferns, with two field trips, a full day of talks, and two special colloquia honoring members of the fern community: David Barrington and James Hickey.

Lab members gave a total of 10 presentations at the meetings, and you can check out the abstracts here:

  • Fawcett, Susan; Barrington, David; Sundue, Michael A; Burleigh, Gordon; Sessa, Emily; GoFlag, consortium; Kuo, Li Yaung; Smith, Alan. 600-species phylogenomic dataset provides insights into historical global biogeography of the Thelypteridaceae, with special reference to Hawaiian and African taxa. Abstract #294
  • Sessa, Emily; Testo, Weston; Kamau, Peris; Väre, Henry; Hannula, Liina; Rikkinen, Jouko; Juslén, Aino. Evolutionary history of Asplenium in Africa. Abstract #405
  • Testo, Weston; Sessa, Emily; Barrington, David. Into the trees and back again: major ecological shifts drive the radiation of Neotropical Phlegmariurus. Abstract #390
  • Riibe, Lindsey; Testo, Weston; Sundue, Michael A; Sessa, Emily. Morphology and sequence data resolve the Diplazium praestans mystery. Abstract #611
  • Howard, Cody Coyotee; Tribble, Carrie; Martinez-Gomez, Jesus; Males, Jamie; Sosa, Victoria; Sessa, Emily; Specht, Chelsea; Cellinese, Nico. Ontologies as a framework to clarify geophyte terminology. Abstract #537
  • Testo, Weston; Field, Ashley; Sessa, Emily; Sundue, Michael A. Phylogenetic and morphological analyses support the resurrection of Dendroconche and the recognition of two new genera in Polypodiaceae subfamily Microsoroideae. Abstract #403
  • Jabaily, Rachel; Shepherd, Kelly; Gardner, Andrew; Sessa, Emily. Phylogeny informs the taxonomic revision of Goodenia sensu lato (Goodeniaceae). Abstract #231
  • Rothfels, Carl; Looy, Cindy; Erwin, Diane; Gross, Joyce; Kasameyer, Amy; Gilbert, Ed; von Konrat, Matt; Sessa, Emily; Watson, Kimberly; Rabeler, Richard; Sundue, Michael A; Sweeney, Patrick; Hu, Shusheng; Burnham, Robyn; Gensel, Patricia; Weakley, Alan; Zhang, Libing. The Pteridophyte Collections Consortium: 420 million years in two million specimensAbstract #551
  • Krieg, Christopher; McCulloh, Kate; Guralnick, Robert; Sessa, Emily. Transgressive physiological traits explain broad-scale niche novelty in an allopolyploid fern complexAbstract #490
  • Elkin, Lucy; Mansour, Isabel; Kollar, Leslie; Antonenko, Pavlo; Sessa, Emily; Davis, E. Christine. Web-based modules for teaching flagellate plant morphologyAbstract #389


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