Another paper from our continuing work on the family Blechnaceae has appeared in its final version today! This study examined the genus Struthiopteris in detail, including greater sampling in our phylogenetic analyses than had previously been done. We found the genus to be paraphyletic with respect to Blechnidium, and opted to recircumscribe Struthiopteris and resurrect an old genus, Spicantopsis, to accommodate this finding. Both genera are well supported by synapomorphies, including traits of the indusia, scales, petioles, and more.

  • Molino S, JM Gabriel y Galán, EB Sessa, and P Wasowicz. (2019) A multi-character review of Struthiopteris leads to the rescue of Spicantopsis (Blechnaceae, Polypodiopsida). Taxon 68(2): 185–198. doi: 10.1002/tax.12036  PDF