We have been extremely lucky this summer to have two extraordinary students join the GoFlag Education team through the Research Opportunities for Undergraduates (REU) program funded by NSF. Lucy Elkin, from Washington & Jefferson College, and Isabel Mansour, from Colorado College, have been with us since May and have become an indispensable part of our GoFlag team. Isabel and Lucy’s main project this summer was designing morphology modules to teach the basics of flagellate plant form using an online platform. They brought their own extensive botanical knowledge and artistic/photographic/videographic skills to this project, and the modules they produced are more amazing than we could have dreamed! They will be debuting them next week during the poster session at the Botany meetings in Tucson, Arizona – if you’re attending the meetings, come check their poster and interactive display! Or you can try out the modules yourself at the link below.

Click to visit morphology modules!
GoFlag Ed team
GoFlag Ed team celebrating the end of RET week! L to R: Pasha Antonenko, Leslie Kollar, Jennifer Campagna, Tredina Sheppard, Ayesha Qazi, Emily Sessa, Lucy Elkin, Isabel Mansour, Christine Davis