We’ve just heard from NSF that they will be funding our REU (and RET!) supplement requests for this summer! We will have two REU positions available for a botanical education project linked to our GoFlag grant – students will work with our wonderful team of botany and educational technology experts at the University of Florida to build online modules for teaching about plant morphology and other fun topics in flagellate plant biology. These modules will be created using Storyline software; you can visit our Lycophytes and You activity to see what the end product might look like (click on “Lycophytes Activity” to view the module). There will also be opportunities to work in the PIs’ labs on our ongoing GoFlag phylogenetic research.

Stipend will be $500/week for 10 weeks (roughly mid-May to late July), and travel support will be provided for students to attend this summer’s Botany meeting in Tucson, Arizona.

Applications are due March 1 (email kollarlm@ufl.edu with GOFLAG REU in the subject line)