EyeChrom started as a set of code written by Rosana Zenil-Ferguson to visualize chromosome count data from the Chromosome Counts Database. It was such a useful tool that it seemed a pity only we had access to it, so we recruited Rodrigo Rivero, an amazing University of Florida undergraduate, to help turn it into an RShiny app for the whole world to enjoy.  A couple of years later, Rodrigo is now a masters student at the University of Hawaii, Rosana is a new assistant professor at the same institution, and the paper documenting EyeChrom and its companion software, CCDBcurator, is Rodrigo’s first first-author publication!

  • Rivero R, EB Sessa, and R Zenil-Ferguson. EyeChrom and CCDBcurator: Visualizing chromosome count data from plants. Applications in Plant Science 7(1): e1207. PDF