The latest collaborative paper between the Sessa and Jabaily labs has been published! This is the third paper we have written together about our ongoing research on the flowering plant family Goodeniaceae.

Jabaily RS, KA Shepherd, PS Michener, CJ Bush, R Rivero, AG Gardner, and EB Sessa. Employing mitochondrial sequences and hypothesis testing to resolve recalcitrant backbone nodes in Goodenia s.l. (Goodeniaceae)Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.127: 502–512. doi: 10.1016/j.ympev.2018.05.005 PDF

Abstract: Goodeniaceae is a primarily Australian flowering plant family with a complex taxonomy and evolutionary history. Previous phylogenetic analyses have successfully resolved the backbone topology of the largest clade in the family, Goodenia s.l., but have failed to clarify relationships within the species-rich and enigmatic Goodenia clade C, a prerequisite for taxonomic revision of the group. We used genome skimming to retrieve sequences for chloroplast, mitochondrial, and nuclear markers for 24 taxa representing Goodenia s.l., with a particular focus on Goodenia clade C. We performed extensive hypothesis tests to explore incongruence in clade C and evaluate statistical support for clades within this group, using datasets from all three genomic compartments. The mitochondrial dataset is comparable to the chloroplast dataset in providing resolution within Goodenia clade C, though backbone support values within this clade remain low. The hypothesis tests provided an additional, complementary means of evaluating support for clades. We propose that the major subclades of Goodenia clade C (C1–C3 + Verreauxia) are the result of a rapid radiation, and each represents a distinct lineage.