Today marks the release of a special issue of American Journal of Botany that I had the pleasure of helping to edit, focused on “Using and Navigating the Plant Tree of Life”. It is a huge issue: 350+ pages of the latest and greatest from leaders across plant systematics and phylogenetics. It was really fun to work with Doug and Pam Soltis, Mike Moore, and Stephen Smith to edit this issue, and of course the wonderful folks at AJB are always a pleasure (Pam, Amy, Rich, and everyone else!).

You can check out the full issue here: Using and Navigating the Plant Tree of Life, AJB volume 105, number 3

Special issue introduction: Soltis DE, M Moore, EB Sessa, S Smith, PS Soltis. Using and navigating the plant tree of life. American Journal of Botany. 105(3): 287–290. doi: 10.1002/ajb2.1071 PDF