I just returned from a wonderful visit to Iowa State University. I was invited to give a talk in their Biology seminar, and spent a lovely few days meeting faculty and students, and of course going on a fern field trip with Don Farrar to Ledges State Park. We saw lots of gametophytes and I got to experience some real fall weather. Despite a wretched chest cold that stole my voice and required me to whisper into a mic during my talk, I had a great time. Many thanks to my excellent host, Li Wang!

Thanks to Tracy Heath for the photo above, of me covered in gametophytes during my talk!

Me and Don (photo by Li Wang)
Li, Don, and me
A wee sporophyte and big gametophyte (near the fingertip)
A sporophyte emerging from its gametophyte
Once you know what to look for, gametophytes are everywhere!