Jerald has had the first chapter of his PhD thesis accepted for publication by the International Journal of Plant Sciences! The paper is a comprehensive review of everything we currently know about sporophyte-less ferns, those species that grow only as gametophytes and which are separated spatially from their sporophyte counterparts (a phenomenon Jerald describes as the “separation of generations”), or which never make a sporophyte anywhere. The gametophyte drawing above, specially commissioned for this review, is a sneak peak at the beautiful images with which the paper is illustrated.

Pinson JB, SM Chambers, J Nitta, L-Y Kuo, and EB Sessa. (2017) The separation of generations: Biology and biogeography of long-lived, sporophyteless fern gametophytes. International Journal of Plant Sciences. 178(1): 1–18. doi: 10.1086/688773  PDF

Figure 1 from Pinson et al. 2017