The whole lab is presenting at this year’s Botany conference in Savannah, GA! We’ve got ferns, pine rocklands, flagellate plants, cycads, and more ferns – don’t miss us!

  • Monday, August 1st 8:30 am, Room 203: Distributions and environmental divergences of Florida ferns. Chambers, Sally; Baiser, Benjamin; Sessa, Emily Butler. Abstract
  • Monday, August 1st 8:45 am, Room 203: Florida’s Sinkholes, and the Separation of Generations in Ferns. Pinson, Jerald; Chambers, Sally; Sessa, Emily Butler. Abstract
  • Monday, August 1st 5:30 pm Exhibit Hall: Poster: Ecophysiological cost of reproduction in dioeciuos cycads. Krieg, Christopher; Husby, Chad; Watkins, James E. Abstract
  • Wednesday, August 3rd 9:00 am, Room 102: Phylogenetic Signal of Invasion and Rarity in Florida’s Imperiled Pine Rockland Flora. Trotta, Lauren; Baiser, Benjamin; Possley, Jennifer; Sessa, Emily Butler. Abstract
  • Wednesday, August 3rd 1:30 pm, Chatham Ballroom – C: Building a comprehensive evolutionary history of flagellate plants. Sessa, Emily Butler; McDaniel, Stuart F.; Davis, E. Christine; Antonenko, Pavlo; von Konrat, Matt; Gaus, Eve; Cui, Hong; Burleigh, Gordon. Abstract
  • Wednesday, August 3rd 4:45 pm Chatham Ballroom – C: Gene evolution and specificity underlying the alternation of independent generations in Ceratopteris richardiiMarchant, Blaine; Barbazuk, William B.; Kirst, Matias; Sessa, Emily Butler; Soltis, Pamela S.; Soltis, Douglas E. Abstract

And there are two talks on the Goodeniaceae project Emily is associated with, led by Dr. Rachel Jabaily’s lab at Rhodes College:

  • Tuesday, August 2nd 11:15 am, Room 202: Molecules, morphology, and monophyly: revising the enigmatic Australian clade Goodenia s.l. (Goodeniaceae) using comprehensive sampling and big data. Jabaily, Rachel Schmidt; Gardner, Andy; Sessa, Emily Butler; Michener, Pryce; Johnson, Eden; Shepherd, Kelly A. Abstract
  • Wednesday, August 3rd 8:00 am, Room 204: Grow a backbone: mitochondrial exome sequencing provides a surprisingly rich source of phylogenetically informative characters in the enigmatic Australian clade Goodenia s.l. Pryce; Sessa, Emily Butler; Bush, Caroline; Shepherd, Kelly A.; Jabaily, Rachel Schmidt. Abstract