Emily attended the Evolution conference in Austin, Texas this year, and there were two presentations about the project she has helped with on evolution of the angiosperm family Goodeniaceae. Rhodes College undergraduate Pryce Michener presented a poster about phylogenetic analyses to resolve relationships in Goodenia Clade C, and project PI Dr. Rachel Jabaily gave a talk covering all of what has been accomplished during this NSF-funded research over the past several years. Her talk was recorded, and you can see it on Youtube!

  • Jabaily R, A Gardner, K Shepherd, E Sessa, and D Howarth. Phylogenetics and Floral Symmetry Evolution of the Core Goodeniaceae. Watch the talk on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAvzmxKdjNM
  • Michener P, EB Sessa, and RS Jabaily. Utilizing genome skimming of the mitochondria, chloroplast, and nuclear genomes to resolve the recalcitrant Goodenia Clade C backbone.
Pryce Michener, Rachel Jabaily, and Emily Sessa at Pryce's poster
Pryce Michener, Rachel Jabaily, and Emily Sessa at Pryce’s poster